Negative attitudes toward casinos

If you’re expecting a casino ad, you’re wrong. The purpose of this article is different. No one is going to convince you to bring money to the casino. We only want to understand the nature of the business and understand why there is a kind of witch hunt. Almost everyone is against it: authorities, public and religious figures, as well as politicians. Let us go deeper into the subject and analyze the claims that are made against gambling. Perhaps they have no basis in fact, and the state is not aware of its benefits from participation in this process. We would also like to understand how dangerous gambling is. 

In any case, if you decide to play in an online casino, you should first find a reliable site here Consider the process of origin of such attitudes in terms of society, religion, political activity, state control and the media.


Now let’s turn to religious organizations. Most faiths consider gambling to be a vice in society. This phenomenon is fought with varying degrees of intensity. As a result, in some countries casinos are virtually non-existent in view of the significant weight in society of religious associations, while in others – it flourishes.


Many politicians include an anti-gambling clause in their election programs. This raises the rating on the wave of discontent shown by society. Such initiatives drive gambling underground, which is what has happened in many countries. Casinos were closed and gambling zones were opened, but they are far away and inaccessible to the main mass of people. The state budget obviously lost a major part of the income in this case. At the same time underground gambling establishments rapidly developed, their owners became even richer and the negative attitude towards gambling business in the society intensified. Is this approach right? When and who benefited from categorical bans? It was only necessary to put things in order, to direct the process in the right direction.


Things get worse in almost any industry if the government’s control is relaxed. Regarding gambling business, there is a definite link: the State loosens its control and the population begins to feel more negative about the gambling business. On the other hand, tightening the screws on this issue leads to the appearance of underground institutions, which worsens the crime situation. At the same time, the work of serious institutions with observance of the existing legislation causes benevolent attitude of citizens; for example, one may recollect the residents of Monte-Carlo.

The media

The media is prejudiced against the gambling business. Newspaper and television reporters are only interested in intriguing facts. If a gangster showdown, murder, or robbery occurs in a casino, it is instantly in the newspapers and on television. They are not interested in the rest of the life of the gambling houses. This approach leads to a kind of brainwashing. People begin to associate casinos exclusively with crime, which explains the growing dislike for anything to do with gambling.

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