What poker games Fulltilt poker ofers you

Full Tilt Poker offers some special game types to make your playing experience even more enjoyable.
Turbo Sit & Gos and Multi-Tables

We’ve turned up the heat in our Sit & Gos and Multi-tables tournaments. These new games are designed to keep the pressure on players, increasing the blinds in half the time. That means, in the Sit & Gos, blinds go up every three minutes instead of every six. In multi-table tournaments, the blinds go up every five minutes instead of every ten. These games are easy to find – just look for the games with the word (Turbo) next to them in the game window.

Double Stack Tournaments

Do you want more action for your tournament dollar? Then, try our new Double Stack Tournaments where we start you off with 3,000 chips. Just browse through the games in our Tournament window and read the descriptions to find these Double Stack tourneys.
Speed Tables

Do you have a need for speed? Are you tired of players who take forever to pull the trigger? Then we’ve got the perfect game for you. We’ve super-charged some of our ring games, cutting response timeouts in half, auto-posting blinds, and removing all animation. Now, you can play poker the way you like: fast. Look for these games with the word (Speed) next to them in the game window.

Four Player Heads-Up Shootout Sit & Go Tournaments

It’s winner-takes-all in our new Heads-Up Shootout Sit & Go tournaments. Four players are spilt into two heads-up matches, and each first-round winner will square off at the final table. Whoever wins that match, scoops the entire prize pool. Reserve your place early, because these games will definitely fill up quickly.
Cap Games

If you enjoy playing No-Limit and Pot-Limit games, but prefer not to risk all of your chips in a single hand, you’re going to love Full Tilt Poker’s new Cap Games.

Hands are played exactly the same as in regular No-Limit and Pot-Limit games until the cap is reached. Once the betting cap is reached, all players left in the hand will be considered all-in. Now when you get caught betting that flush draw, you will still get a chance to catch as the betting might be capped.

To join the action, look for games with the word (CAP NL) or (CAP PL) next to them in the game lobby. And, for even faster-paced play, look for our Cap Speed tables (Cap Speed) where players have to make even faster decisions and blinds are auto-posted.

Rebuy Tournaments

There are few feelings worse in poker than busting out of a tournament, which is why we’re giving you a way to keep on playing even if you’ve lost your entire chip stack.

Our new rebuy tournaments let you buy back into a tournament if your chip stack falls below your starting level – even if you go completely broke at the table. Depending on the tournament, you can even rebuy more than once.