How to increase your chances of winning at online casinos

Increasing the chances of winning the online casino theme of interest to many players at different levels. By increasing the chance of at least 1% already has a strong impact on the balance of the game. So are there such ways? What do experienced players think about it and how to really do it without breaking the rules of the sites? Proven ways to really increase the probability of taking the depot. Let’s have a closer look at this article.

Since some time, players have had access to information about the device and functioning of the software of some licensed online machines. If you use it wisely, you can significantly increase your chances of winning. The validity of these data, however, has not been confirmed. But experienced players say that all of the following may well be used in their favor.

How to increase the chance of winning in an online casino?

In order to win, you should take the following steps:

  • Orientate to large sites with a maximum number of participants. The higher the number of players who prefer normal and high bets, the higher the chance of winning even with a large bet. But here we should consider that a number of casinos do not work directly with the supplier, but with whole networks, where automatically a lot of users.
  • When setting up an account, give preference to the currency that is most in demand in a particular online casino. The fact is that for the conversion of currencies in the software game services uses a separate pool for each specific monetary unit. This means that to work in online casinos in Europe, where there are many rich Germans or Swedes, it is desirable to have an account in the currency they use (Euro).
  • Choose carefully the size of the bets. First point: It is highly recommended not to play at rates of 10 dollars and the balance of 100 c.u., as well as spin at 0.5 bucks, pre-depositing 500$. The second is to choose the rate preferably focusing on the current inhabitants of the casino. 

Is it necessary to change the slot machine after winning?

Let’s assume that having made a deposit in the casino in the amount of 500 dollars, the player wins there immediately, let’s say 10 thousand dollars. If he is an experienced player, he will quickly withdraw this money and either spend it on something useful, or put it on deposit (in parts or in full) in other casinos. If the player is shortsighted, then he will simply continue to play or pour all the money back into the “successful casino”.

Looking at this situation from different angles, we can see that after winning it is least reasonable to continue in the same way and on the same site. Why? It is very simple. Even if the casino was the most honest and clean, did not keep track of the user’s history and used random number generation, the probability that the entire sum of the winnings will bring even more money is almost negligible. It often happens, just the opposite. Where there was a cool winnings, in a very short time (if not immediately) take a large amount of money without any return.

And conversely: if you take the won money and move it to another casino, the chances to improve the situation increase. Even if it is not possible to win again in a big way, for the system such a powerful deposit will not go unnoticed. Another argument in favor of an immediate withdrawal of money and throwing it somewhere else, is the following: game sites, where you have withdrawn a significant amount of money and did not put anything back on the deposit, begin to fight for such a player and also make every effort to return it, sending him favorable conditions of the game and a sea of bonuses for every taste.