Stainless steel storage

Although stainless steel is durable and rust damage and loss but preservation is good, no distortion when cooking, users should note the following points:

– Do not burn stainless steel pan very hot and then pour oil into, because this process will make the pan and reduce the life deformed.

– Do not use sandpaper or steel grinding wheel for scratching will lose luster, prone to rust.


– When storing, need to dry clean, avoid damp.

– Use stainless steel grills to cook pickles or cut oranges, lemons, when completed should be washed, cleaned thoroughly.
Ironwork for shapers from lightning

Want to lightning ironware not so long when you dip them in lime water. Then you get sprinkled lime powder.

Remedy lightning key

Lightning caused a key obstacle in efforts to close or open the locks. Want to make a key out lightning, you do the following:

You mix one part kerosene and cooking oil in two parts, then get the key was soaked in this mixture lightning. To the few hours, you get the key out dry and use sandpaper to smooth puree fight.

  1. Stainless steel coils
  2. Classification of stainless steel

Remedy clogged zipper

In the case of the zipper (FERMETURE) of your belongings is blocked, do not pull it, you just do not pull too strong temper, zipper going down. You just grab a candle or dry rub soap along the zipper a few times, zipper will naturally be pulled easily.

How to keep the iron from clay

For long-term use television not lightning, you should use candles scrub. Of course you have to add hot iron and board on a clean rag for all candles before ironing.

Zinc chest Shapers

Chest with very lightning zinc, and especially in the rainy season, wet air. Wants to avoid control the trend, you should take and-dirty-lin apply a very even and very lightly on the zinc.

How to preserve supplies of steel

Steel items, but used to be durable but inconvenient in that is often discolored, ten were black. Want all unsightly traces this, you have to do? You only need to apply one of the following methods:

Take half a potato cut vertically (to plastic potatoes several), rub strong black spot stains and scrub them up items. Then you use a soft cloth to polish.
Use a cotton swab dipped into fresh lemon juice, rub the stain strongly to place both remove all the items. You let stand 5 to 10 minutes of use a clean cloth and polish it.
Alcohol 90 degrees (alcool 90) mixed with a little “ammonia” (ammoniaque). You get put in a solution of fabric blanket rub up on supplies. Then, you use real wool or fleece are hand polished and carefully